Torc Waterfall Killarney, Co. Kerry (Love Ireland)

Near the top of Torc, looking for a good plunge pool cold shock spot. Welcome to helping12345. Time to feel unreal.

We started this to help people with what we can

Get Strong!

Hey guys, Jonathan (Shooz) and Paul (Dug) here from This Irish life Podcast. Co-hosts on a wonderful podcast,we are two best buddy's who research the worlds the most interesting topics that will help our fellow Man and Woman to better-understand the help and the dangers that are out there to do with living healthy, living happy and living strong every day. Strong in body, mind and soul.


Sharing good experiences....

We want to share our secrets of Youth, Strength, Health and Happiness. Just like we applied in our lives.

Ask advice on diet, eating well everyday (Green Living). Cutting weight safely to compete in your chosen sport or hobby.

Ask how to change your body from feeling wrong to feeling Strong.

Ask how to lose weight, change lifestyle and find that thing you will love that's just for you.

Ask about why it is good to eat one thing and not another. What does it fdo to the body and mind?

Ask about living in the moment.

Ask about the power of forgiveness that the world has almost forgotten, this is not trusted anymore due to religions taking advantage of our power as human beings.

Ask about the power of the mind and how it can be dangerous unless we understand how to control your day-to-day thoughts.

Ask how to protect your belief system and understand what may or may not be real. 

Ask what music has most beautiful healing power designed for good and who sings it.

Ask how to use The law of Attraction for everything from finding love to feeling Strong Healthy Happy. #wimhof 

Ask about Ireland adventure retreats that we will be looking to do with Organic food Morning Yoga , Martial Arts understanding and training finding your Zen Meditation  and just all round recharge for this hard life of graft that we have choosen.

Dug and Shooz wanna help you change your life for the better. 

Please join us Ask Vlog questions or just Blog questions.

Both Shooz and  Dug are in this for the Karma connection through all of us.

Good luck and good energy is there for everybody so lets help each other tap in to real magical helpful energy that surrounds us all .

Muay Thai 123 with a view

You missed the strecthing so stretch out those hip flexors and get the hips and back warm and loose.
Video starts with us doing a quick warm-up of 10 x push-ups; 10 x sit-ups; 10 x squats - 5 times.

Get nice and warm and hit the pads and enjoy a view!

Fresh Organic Juice for Maximum Nutrition

Juicing every day with fresh organic produce is one of the best actions you can take for your health and the health of your family. Fill your body with vitamins; minerals; amino acids; fatty acids; helpful sugars and more in two quick drinks. Preparation is key to success.

Spend €50-€60 on organic box of:
5 cucumbers; 10 apples; 2 fennel; 2 beetroot; large head of brocolli; bag celery; 5 oranges; 5 lemons; 15 carrots; lump of ginger; bag of spinach; bag of kale; 10 avocados; 5 bananas.

Wash them all, dry them and bag them with large freezer-bags into the number of days you are juicing. Have them ready for Monday so you can grab your bag and juice immediately.

- Approx 5 Litres of Organic Fruit/Veg Juice
- Approx 3 Litres of Organic Avocado/Banana Smoothie

You will need:
- A good juicer (Philips) with a funnel size of 3 inches+. Spend €150-200 on a juicer. I have mine for over 7 years. Well worth the investment.
- A Nutri-bullet or high speed blender for the smoothie. (€50-€150). I have a €60 one and it is doing just fine for years.

Reverse Hyper extension on yoga ball (Fix lower back pain)

3 x 30 reps, great warm up for stiff back before any exercise Gym,Fittness class,Football,Rugby,Rowing,Running,Martial Arts etc.... Strong lower back!!! This increases blood flow which in turn brings anti inflammatory feeling before ur work out.... :-) unreal

Time Under Tension push ups (TUT)

4 secs down (slow) hold for 1sec, Explosive push up back up . Repeat 10 times. 3 Sets .

5 Wide Arm grip ,5 Boxing Guard grip, 5 old school grip

Time Under Tension if u can, slow going down 3secs, fast up 1sec 5,5,5

Explosive pull ups

20 straight fast 3/4 -1/2 pull up Tension

Muay Thai always good warm down finish.

2 mins of sharp power try keep it tidy Muay Thai Ooooawwww!!! :-)

The Lee River  Nature Chill Out

Meditation Spot ,we love In Cork great energy at this place always. Deep Breathing clear the mind empty thoughts become creative allies.

Some beauty....

Nice Spot for a cold shock Breathing session

Understanding free healing

Great place for a deep breathing chakra cleanse through cold shock meditation

Chakra cleanse is one thing, waterfall chakra cleanse is a whole new clarity

Enjoy an adventure with us deep breathing with cold shock finding your Zen